Vỏ Case Jonsbo BO 100 Black

Mô tả

  • Model nameBO 100
  • Model versionVer.1(Black)
  • Product size239mm(W) x 282mm(H) x 233mm(L) (not include case stand and handle)
  • Case Stand height18.5 mm
  • PCI slots2
  • Front I/O1*TYPE-C(USB3.1 Gen2),2*USB3.0,1*two in one audio port (Combined 4 pole)
  • WeightNW: 4.5KG/GW: 5.6KG
  • Package size335mm(L)*305mm(W)*375mm(H)
  • Air filter systemboth sides , bottom, rear (pre-installed)
  • MB supportITX,DTX(170mm*203mm)
  • GPU Support207 mm (L)*140 MM(H) *48 MM(W)
  • Device Support1*3.5”HDD+2*2.5”SSD
  • Fan mounting position1*12 CM(optional)
  • Liquid cooler support120 MM Radiator.Part of the water-cooled cold head may interfere with the cold exhaust fan if the diameter is too large. Generally, cold heads with a diameter of 70 mm can be installed. Because the position of the motherboard CPU cannot be unified, this size is only for reference.
  • PSU supportSFX/SFX-L(If the bottom SSD is not installed, it has no effect on the length of the power supply. If the bottom SSD is installed, the power support length needs to be within 118 mm)
  • CPU cooler height158.5 mm
  • Handle and rear window handleArtificial leather
  • U-shaped frame2.0MM aluminum alloy with 100#-120# sandblasting finishing
  • Front panel4.0mm tempered glass
  • Inner structure0.8 +1.0 +1.5mm steel panel with black powder coat finishing
  • Case standCase stand with aluminum alloy

Follow aesthetics, restrain lighting effects, and seek a balance between innovation and essence.

Pursuing innovation can gain respect and realize self-worth, but excessive innovation may affect or even deviate from the inherent functional characteristics of the product. The concept of BO100 design is to bring users a warm product experience and can be integrated into home aesthetics. The inherent properties cannot be compromised. Do we strike a balance between design and essence? Waiting for your judgment.
Dimensions do not include case stand and handle
Case stand height: 18.5 mm

Minimalist appearance, extremely complex internal composition.

The seemingly simple structural layout uses more than 48 components to realize its various functions.

Main Components

• Handle and Rear Window handle: full-grain leather
• U-shaped Outer Frame: 2.0MM sandblasted(100#-120#) aluminum  alloy
• Front panel: 4.0 MM tempered glass
• Internal structure: 0.8+1.0+1.5MM black powder coated steel plate
• Case stand: aluminum alloy material

Drawer-like structure design

Drawer-like structure design can bring smooth hardware installation and cable management experience.

Smooth experience of detailed design

The Teflon PTFE pads had pasted on the six parts of the hardware structure, which can increase the smoothness of the drawer-like structure and avoid scratch to the paint surface.
This material is commonly used in mouse foot pads to ensure the smoothness of the mouse for long-term use

The detail of inner frame under the aluminum cover

The hardware support metal structure under the aluminum cover can enhance the overall strength and avoid deformation of the aluminum cover caused by long-term use of the handle.

Hardware support

• Graphics card: length ≤207 mm, thickness ≤48 mm
• Motherboard: ITX, DTX (within 170mm*203mm)
• Liquid cooling radiator: 120 (some oversized AIO’s pump head may interfere with the fan on the radiator. Generally, pump head with diameter under 70mm can be installed. Because the position of the CPU socket is different on different boards, this size is only for reference)
• Air cooler: Under 158.5 mm height
• Power supply: SFX, SFX-L
• System fan position: rear window 1*12CM (optional)

Graphics card support schematic diagram

Official released size: 203X126X42mm

Graphics card support schematic diagram

Official released size: 206 x 124 x 46 mm

About the Metal Inner frame

0.8+1.0+1.5MM Blackened steel structure
The internal structure is finished with a matt black coating. Due to its smooth finishing characteristics, only the original spray powder can be used to avoid the roughness and the penetration of harmful substances caused by the regenerated powder.

About Dustproof

• Two-way dustproof for intake and exhaust
• The filters on side panel are made of metal
• The bottom and rear window filters are made of PVC

About Wind Channel

Graphics card, CPU cooler, and Power supply have independent air intake channels

Front I/O

• 1*Power button
• 1*TYPE-C (USB3.1 Gen2)
• 2*USB3.0
• 1* two in one audio port (Combined 4 pole)

1X3.5”+2X2.5” Storage space

For users of content creation applications, we had provide a 3.5” HDD bay, but this 3.5” HDD bay may slightly affect the cable management of power supply unit.

About Power Supply Unit

• Support SFX/SFX-L PSU
• If the SSD at the bottom of the case is installed, the PSU length is limited under 118mm

Partially Black Screen Coating

The outer boarder and lower section of the front panel tempered glass are blackened to shield the cables.
Tempered glass has a light transmittance coefficient of 29.3%, and is usually called smoked glass. As far as the product is concerned, it is a relatively dark tinted glass that can suppress excessive bright luminous hardware and present elegant lighting effects.

AIO Pump Head Interference

Some oversized AIO’s pump head may interfere with the fan on the radiator. Generally, pump head with diameter under 70mm can be installed. Due the position of the CPU socket is different on different boards, this size is only for reference.

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